Monday, May 30, 2011

La fête des mères

Yesterday was Mother's day. It was a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies. It was a most special day spent with family. My cousins and I went for a run on the Loire River in the morning. We met the rest of the family at a little cafe near their house for an appero before lunch. We had a delicious lunch which was followed by a little rest in the hammock and then a little hike on the Loire. A truly excellent day. 

I said, "We are very pretty" once we were in our Mother's day fancies. They understood and agreed without need for translation.
The florist shops here are out of this world.

Bonne fête, Cato!


Le chef

Audette and I

Julie et Robin

cousin Alex

I love these people so much.

The last photo taken before the camera died. 
I'm bubbling with love. 

A gigantic day in Nantes

We walked around downtown Nantes before going to see the Giants. Nantes is a lovely city with some really unique sites and great shops.
One of everything please!

This children's store was called Million Dollar Baby... I don't think the French have seen the film.

007 Meerkat!

French Hitler cat!

This huge wall mural is in the middle of the city. It tells the history of Nantes. There were hundreds of people taking pictures of it. I love how the French are obsessed with taking pictures.

Royal de Luxe is a French marionette theater troupe that created these gigantic marionettes. They travel all over the world. I was lucky to be in Nantes the same day they were!

La petite géante

A truly unique site.

These people had a great view. Their sign says a kiss for the giant! I love it.

There's a giant in that box. It's a bit difficult to see, but they are standing on two semi-truck trailers that is in mid-air. Incredible.

A gypsy and a bunny.

Menthe à l'eau= mint syrup with water! plus Julie looks cute!

Aude is super cute too!

We stopped at a cafe to eat sandwiches and have drink... not 15 minutes later, the giant showed up! We had the best seats in the house!

I'm crazy for hats. It's official.

Thanks for reading!

Le musée de Cato

My aunt Catherine is an extraordinary artist. When at her house, it's like being in a museum. Come on! Let's go on a tour of the exhibit! 

   A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.
                                                                                               - Oscar Wilde


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ile de Ré est à la mode

St. Martin de
Who could ask for more?

A beautiful store

A little friend at the exit

The donkey, like on the bottle, is wearing sleeves for protection from mosquito bites. We need this in Texas.

Crepe Andalouse



Ile de Ré is an island very close to La Rochelle. It is a paradise as you can see. I am very blessed to have had the chance to spend the afternoon there.

Gros bisous, 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Une journée à Bordeaux

I hope to be this chic in 40 years.      

Miroir d'eau des quais

C'est jolie, non?


Stopping for a drink and to write a little note

My beautiful aunt Annie

Annie and cousin Stephane


It was like Anthropologie, only a billion times better

a very good omen

J'aime Bordeaux!

Gros bisous,